Corporate yoga


Yoga classes in the workplace or special events.

Virtual yoga classes during Covid pandemic

Would you like a regular yoga class at your workplace, or for a team kick-off, conference or event?

A morning or lunch yoga class at work is a great way to inspire employees to take the time out to improve physical and mental wellbeing.  Workplace yoga can be a bonding experience for your team, boosting mental function, energy, and positivity in the workplace. 

I'm a yoga-alliance qualified yoga teacher (2016) and have been teaching workplace yoga since 2017, and have been practicing yoga for over 20 years.  

Class style:

Traditional Hatha/Vinyasa with a dash of influence from Ashtanga and Iyengar.  I  tailor classes to the needs and abilities of the group, and provide variations for positions to cater to different bodies and abilities.


In a class we are calming and focussing the mind, whilst moving the body through a sequence of postures, correographed to allow smooth transitions and a continuous flow of energy, as we go through warm-up, standing, sitting and lying positions, working with strength, balance, flexibility and agility, always integrating movement with the breath.


The group will get a good workout as well as coming away feeling relaxed and invigorated.  If you prefer a gentler class where participants barely break a sweat (perhaps showering is not an options), I can simply reduce the intensity accordingly.


Note: Inner Stockholm area only for regular classes in person. 


Virtual yoga classes- Digital meeting software to host the meeting (eg. Zoom/Teams)

Online participants need yoga mat or equivalent.


At the workplace: The workplace needs to provide the space and yoga mats.  A typical group size may be from 10-20 pers.  

Morning, lunch or evening classes may be an option depending on location, and my availability.  Stockholm area only.

Please contact me for pricings and availability in relation to your particular request. 


Regular class package (10-14 classes): ~1500:-/60min class

One-off events: ~1800:- 60min class; 2000:- 75min class

Online yoga class: 1300:- 60min class